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Overview of our services.

Artist management

  • Personal artist support
  • Ongoing advice to the artist, in particular with regard to his positioning, all strategic, business and artistic issues, etc.
  • Placement, acquisition, examination, negotiation and representation in contracts for artist engagements (including the corresponding)
  • Acquisition, examination, negotiation and representation in contracts for image-compliant advertising and endorsement contracts
  • Sustainable and clear market positioning of the artist on the basis of a artist profile
  • Organization and accompaniment of/at events and public performances of the artist
  • Individual planning and career building
  • Creation of showreels and photo books
  • Coordination of suitable castings
  • Agreement and coordination of press work
  • Appointment coordination and organization (including the management of the artist's calendar)
  • Management of invoices and receivable

Artist placement

  • Search and mediation of the suitable artist for advertising campaigns of all kinds
  • Negotiation and representation for contracts of advertising and endorsement contracts for the respective client
  • Support and advice in the artistic implementation of advertising contracts
  • Management of compliance issues with personality and trademark rights
  • Advising the artist on the individual positioning in the market
  • Coordination and placement of suitable castings
  • Management of invoices and receivables

"A comprehensive range of services for all needs of our artists and clients"

Our references.

A large number of successful companies from a wide variety of industries are among our customers.

Here is a small selection:


Kati Langenkämper

Team Lead Artist Manager

Tel.: Tel.: +49 89 9507 7051
Fax.: Fax: +49 89 9507 9 7051

Kristina Gäbler

Artist and Contract Manager

Tel.: Tel.: +49 89 9507 7050

Arkadius Polarz

Project Coordinator & Artist Manager

Tel.: Tel.: +49 89 9507 7958
Fax.: Fax.: +49 89 9507 9 7958

Henning Mielke

Senior Manager Development & Partnership Management

Tel.: Tel.: +49 89 9507 8650
Fax.: Fax: +49 89 9507 9 8650

Note for autograph requests:

Please note that due to organizational reasons, inquiries by e-mail can not be processed.
Send us your autograph request by post including a stamped envelope to the address below.

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